Safety of your Facebook account

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Safety of your Facebook account

Threats are increasing and becoming a critical part of our online presence. Therefore, protecting our online information and maintaining privacy, should be our responsibility. How can this be noticed and how to increase safety on social platforms, such as Facebook? To better understand the risk and to know how to prevent potential threats we will share some simple steps that can help increase the safety and security of your Facebook profile.

Definition of “hack”

Hacking refers to unauthorized access to personal or organizational data, gained through the weaknesses of a system, network or computer. The aim of a hacker can be to access the information, steal or manipulate the data, disrupt the service or activities or cause financial costs.

Definition of “phishing”

Phishing is a form of cyber-attack when someone tries to persuade individuals to share personal or sensitive information. This is usually done through frauded emails, text messages or websites. The person in the background aims to mimic the type of communication and trick you into sharing the information, providing access to the account to click on harmful links or attachments. Unfortunately, this can also lead to stealing the identification and committing financial fraud.

How to protect your Facebook profile – safety stapes and measures

  1. Regular password updates and creating strong passwords is some of the first steps we can take.
  2. Using the two-factor authenticators ensures an extra layer of protection.
  3. Adjusting the privacy settings and reviewing the permissions of apps. Where possible, we should revoke and deny unnecessary permissions.
  4. Monitoring the unfamiliar activity and reacting immediately in case of any unknown logins.
  5. Look out for any phishing scams or ads and report any suspicious activities. A good way to protect our account is also to use the ad blocker, which can limit the risk.
  6. Finally, it is important to stay educated and informed about the latest threats and be aware of cybersecurity measures we can take.

A common scenario of Facebook cyberattack

Lately, we have seen many unusual activities and convincing attempts of phishing on Facebook and other Meta platforms. Massages were circulating around the platform claiming the violation of Meta rules and threatening the deactivation of the account, which could only “be stopped” by clicking on a (harmful) link. The follow-up page then required additional information that was taken for stealing the information and accessing the account.

How to react in case of safety issues on Facebook

  1. Report the incident to the Meta platform (
  2. For more help visit the website of Facebook Help Center or search for “Privacy and Security” in the app. Guidelines will then be provided to you to report the situation.
  3. Notify the bank or your credit card issuers and request the cancellation of the card. In case your Facebook Business Account has been hacked, immediately stop using the credit card for any services until the issue gets resolved.
  4. Be aware that it usually takes some time before Facebook support will proceed with your report and there is no guarantee that Facebook will manage to regain access to your page. Therefore, it is a good idea to notify your followers about the situation on all your social media platforms and assure them regards resolving the issue and protecting the data.

Given the increasing number of online threats, protecting the account is crucial. To increase your profile safety, educate yourself and understand the safety measures that can be taken, follow the steps to protect your account, stay alert in case of any suspicious activities and react immediately in case you notice any damage to your profile. Proactive behaviour can help you secure your digital presence.


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